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What does Zoones mean?

Zoones is an artificial word derived from the fact that in this solution, everything is driven by Zones.

Zones denote devices like conveyors, turntables, shuttles, robots, stores and whatnot. These Zones are then connected together via a topology, allowing Zoones to automatically figure out the best way through your store.

Like in your car navigation, the cheapest way is calculated while any obstacles on the way are considered.

Thank you, Dijkstra!


What makes Zoones shine?


A 3D modeler allows you to visually replicate the design of your warehouse and create the connections between the various zones, so Zoones is able to take care of the route of your goods.

A load of settings allows customizing the navigation. E.g., you can adjust the cost of a zone depending on its filling degree or its utilization (pressure).


A fully customizable 2D view, divided in ares, gives you a perfect overview of your store.

Not only you will see where your loading carriers are located, you will also see detailed information about the content of the carrier and business related information like for which customer this carrier is meant for.


A simple, but powerful commissioning screen for full desktops.

No matter if you have to deal with various units and packing sizes, if you have to take care of serial numbers and batches or dangerous goods.

The commissioning process can take care of these things.


For sure, there is also a mobile device integration.

This integration currently works with any HTML5 capable device.

A specialized integration for Zebra and Cognex scanner and iPhone devices aims for the best comfort during your day-to-day work.


Zoones is highly customizable.

Various interfaces allow extending its processes at source code level. This is also possible at runtime using Groovy scripts, which you can develop locally in your IDE.


Who is behind Zoones?



Project Lead and Developer

IRIAN Solutions

For more than 30 years, I am busy in the ERP area and for roughly 15 years I am working on Zoones.

It started as a small piece of software for a handful of pallets, conveyors and other involved warehousing technology.

At that time, the store was too small to justify a full-blown commercial solution, yet too huge to handle all that manually.

As a person with a passion for technology, this soon became my favorite project. The store grew and more and more devices were there to be handled.



Senior Developer

IRIAN Solutions

Rudi is a vital part of our developer team.

After he mastered the steep learning curve, he became a teammate capable of challenging decisions and working together to develop sustainable and reliable solutions.



Teamleader Process Development

Steinbach International

Marlene takes care of all the external integrations with e.g., Microsoft Dynamics AX and trucking companies.

She defines new processes and implements them with the staff when they are ready.



Head of Warehouse Processes

Steinbach International

Stefan is the bracket above all.

His broad knowledge of both technical and business needs makes him the perfect fit for our team.



Head of Warehouse Control Center

Steinbach International

Thomas takes care of all technical aspects when it comes to define and integrate processes.

No barcode scanner, printer or other device can be too restive. He will make it work for sure.

He trains the staff and picks up their ideas and concerns.


Who backs Zoones?


What's more?

What license is Zoones using?

Zoones is using GPLv2 with Classpath Exception.

You can create your own plugins, but if you change something in the core code, you have to provide the source.

Can I join the team?

Absolutely, just contact us.

Can I see Zoones in action?

Absolutely, just contact us.

Can I book consulting around Zoones?

Absolutely, just contact us.

Can I book day-to-day support?

Well, let's have a talk.


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